Russian theater that By Alla Malova / Migrante21

Russian theater that By Alla Malova / Migrante21

A DC-area studio run by immigrants through the former Soviet Union brings Russian speakers theater productions centered on performs

Actors of this movie movie theater studio test performing in their interpretation of wedding by Nikolai Gogol. Picture courtesy of Test.

On a current saturday evening, individuals were collecting at a movie theater in Silver Spring, Maryland, to see a performance. You wouldn’t hear English within the market – or from the phase, for instance. The play had been Marriage , a comedy authored by famous Russian playwright Nikolai Gogol concerning the problems of dating and selecting a wife in the very early nineteenth century, nonetheless it received an innovative new life through the theater studio Experiment – complete with masks and music.

The individuals mixed up in movie theater studio originate from a variety that is wide of into the previous Soviet countries and, besides their love of movie theater, share a very important factor in typical: the Russian language.

The studio is a lot more than a spare time activity for the troupe. The studio’s director, Irina Rogozina, a expert actress trained in Russia, states: “We want to fairly share our culture – Russian tradition is quite deep and strong, with deep origins. You want to be better grasped. For the – for understanding – theater is a perfect means.” Rogozina views movie movie movie theater as being a social trade of kinds, and a means of enhancing the understanding between your two countries. Irina told Migrante21 that art, and specially theater, normally a method on her studio to counter the present political craziness in the planet.

A indigenous of Yekaterinburg, Rogozina worked being an actress in theaters within the Russian urban centers of Novgorod and St. Petersburg for fifteen years before going to your united states of america eight years back. She first got associated with test in 2012 by acting into the Seagull , on the basis of the play that is eponymous Anton Chekhov , and remained, becoming the studio’s leader. She’s now responsible for the theater’s creative direction, including leading regular services with all the actors. In 2014, Rogozina organized a manufacturing of Winter , predicated on a play utilizing the name that is same modern author Yevgeni Grishkovetz .

In November 2015, the theater has premiered Marriage , which can be playing its final two shows for the period on November 21 and November 22. $20 seats are offered for advance sale online or for money during the home.

Actors of this movie movie theater studio test performing in their interpretation of wedding by Nikolai Gogol. Liza Yanovich is within the center. Picture courtesy of Experiment.

Yuriy Maslyukov, the star playing the lead male role in Marriage , credits Irina Rogozina with using the studio to your level that is next. Yuriy happens to be utilizing the movie theater since its inception this season, if the studio ended up being founded by Russian-speaking movie movie theater enthusiasts from Maryland and Virginia. “I wound up being involved with movie theater as an interest, but searching straight right back, i do believe it is held it’s place in me personally from childhood,” claims Maslyukov. Yuriy relocated to the usa from Moscow in 1995. Ahead of the move, as he had been a pupil during the Moscow State University of community, Maslyukov periodically worked as an additional in the popular Mosfilm studio, and also starred in the famous movie Burnt because of the sun’s rays , which won the Academy Award for Best spanish movie in 1994.

Yelizaveta “Liza” Yanovich, the actress playing the lead feminine part in Marriage , can be a Moscow native. She moved to the usa as a young kid in 1997, and very quickly joined up with a children’s movie theater studio, where she had been active for quite a while. Around 2012, Yanovich has gotten associated with the studio Experiment through Rogozina, who she came across at the job in the Foreign provider Institute. The part in Marriage is Liza’s 2nd big part as a grownup. “For me, theater isn’t just a spare time activity; it is more comparable to treatment, maybe,” Yanovich says.

Theater studio test actors along with their manager, Irina Rogozina (far right, 2nd line). Yuriy Maslyukov and Liza Yanovich are 5th and sixth through the kept into the row that is second. Picture courtesy of Experiment.

Ekaterina “Katya” Burova, the set that is theater’s, just celebrated her 18th anniversary of going towards the united states of america. The graduate regarding the prestigious Moscow Architectural Institute recalls that her spouse discovered employment when you look at the U.S. into the belated 1990s, during a time period of financial crisis in Russia. Ekaterina devoted nearly all of her amount of time in the U.S. to increasing her kids, and just joined up with the movie theater studio 2 yrs ago. “We get british dating it done, since it causes us to be delighted whenever people state ‘thank you,’ we do so to see their delighted eyes. We take action for art, we get it done for the method, we get it done for friendships – I’ve made friends that are many the final 2 yrs,” Katya says. In her own non-theater life, Burova teaches at her very own arts and crafts studio, which she exposed 17 years back.

The studio is wanting to widen their reach by attracting audience that is english-speaking. They have been presently considering employing devices that are technical come with Russian-language shows by over-titles. Nevertheless, the team doesn’t have intends to switch their performances to English any time soon. Maslyukov and Yanovich, the lead actors in Marriage , keep in mind that it’s important for the actors to keep real to their social roots. “It is way better to do something well in Russian than to do something badly in English,” concludes director Irina Rogozina.

The interviews had been initially carried out in Russian.

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